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Think Outside the Square Announces the Immediate Availability of MOH in response to COVID-19

MOH is a mobile hand washing station designed to provide a safe working environment for
construction sites.

Sydney, Australia 7 April 2020, today, ideas incubator company Think Outside the Square PTY Ltd, announced the release of its first product in response to COVID-19.

MOH, (Mobile Hand Washing Station) is specifically designed to address the need to wash hands frequently for those who work on large sites, projects or with groups.

Designed with the environment in mind, MOH comprises of 200 litres of fresh water, hand sanitiser, paper towel dispenser, first aid unit, secured disposal for waste and the ability to turn the tap system on with one’s elbow.  The water system allows for the grey water to be repurposed to gardens, plants and other appropriate uses.  Because it is a mobile system, it can be moved easily or locked up if needed.

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Founded in 2020, Think Outside the Square was specifically set up to develop ideas that solve problems and challenges with efficiency. There are many great thinkers out there, who have brilliant ideas on how to do things better, smarter and faster, saving companies and people time and money.  We know that to make that idea a reality is a challenge, getting the idea from paper to prototype often requires unique “outside the square” thinking and the support of people who have done it before.


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